Family Law

  • Divorce

    Contested Divorce A divorce may be initiated by filing a Notice of Family Claim with the registry of the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Although … Read More

  • Family Property

    The Family Law Act of British Columbia is the provincial legislation that governs the division of property in British Columbia. The property division … Read More

  • Spousal Support

    Spousal Support Objectives Spousal support is a meant to compensate a former spouse for missed economic opportunities that are a result of the … Read More

  • Child Support

    Child Support Obligations The guiding principle of Canada’s child support law is that children should continue to benefit from the financial means of both … Read More

  • Parenting Time & Access

    For unmarried people, the Family Law Act sections 42 & 59 uses the terms “Parenting Time” for guardians and “Contact” for non-guardians. Parenting Time … Read More

  • Prenups / Agreements

    For many couples a prenup is unromantic and counter-intuitive. After all, if couples believe they may separate in the future, why would they be together? … Read More

  • Custody & Guardianship

    The Family Law Act does not use the term custody nor does it focus on parental or a guardian’s rights with respect to a child. Instead, the focus shifts … Read More

    Child Protection (MCFD)

    When a social worker working for the Ministry of Children and Family Development investigates you or your family member, it is critically important that … Read More


    In most cases, the judge’s decision is the final say on an issue. However, sometimes, in rare instances, the judge errs and gets it wrong. Appeals … Read More