Liam Su

Liam Su

Liam Su is a lawyer at RWE Family Law who has always been passionate about helping families navigate the complexities of the legal system in all family law matters including divorce and separation, custody disputes, child and spousal support, adoption, property division, and domestic violence issues.

Liam strives to help his clients obtain expedient and equitable resolutions, with an eye toward mitigating further conflict between the parties wherever possible. If children are involved, he will try to recenter the well-being of children caught in the middle of high-conflict matters. When appropriate, he will seek to resolve his clients’ issues amicably through negotiations, though he is not afraid to advocate for his clients in court if necessary. Having an intimate understanding of the challenging dynamics that may arise from family law issues, Liam employs a trauma-informed and future-facing approach in his practice that empowers his clients to make informed decisions with clarity and confidence in what is otherwise a confusing and chaotic period of their lives.

Liam obtained his Juris Doctor from Peter A. Allard School of Law and was called to the BC bar in June, 2024. Liam was committed to advocacy and helping people through extensive involvement in the various clinics and programs provided by Peter A. Allard School of Law, notably the Law Students’ Legal Advice Program, where Liam gained court experience within his first year at law school; and Rise Women’s Legal Centre, a full-time family law clinic that provided comprehensive hands-on training which shaped Liam’s approach to family law matters today.

In his spare time, Liam likes to stay active, watch and participate in theatre, and spend time with his friends and family.

Liam is also fluent in Mandarin.